Easter Sunday

Love Letter from Yǎ Wēi Pó-Po

just then I
went to clean your room,
sweep the floor.

now listen –

these hand that
smell of garlic and
look like maps
pull so tight
the seam of all creation
to be close to you.

after all,
you are mine – we are

call me, okay? even if
you say nothing, you just breathe
quiet by the receiver,
I hold your voice to my ear –

I hear you, maybe
you hear me too but
do not understand.

please do not worry, bǎo-bèi.
I know the trip cost so much,
across a long universe
with that load on your shoulders,
but look, I already buy
you your ticket home –

ai shh-ya, be quiet.
you make me smile, silly child.
put away your coin.

I already buy
you your ticket home.

雅威 (Yǎ Wēi)
A translation of Yahweh common with Chinese Catholics; literally: “ethereal authority”

婆婆 (pó-po)
Matron, grandmother, mother-in-law

寶貝 (bǎo-bèi)
Precious, treasure, darling

Created by: Ophelia Hu Kinney
About the author: Ophelia Hu Kinney is a second-generation Chinese American living in Maine with her wife. She is the daughter of circumstantial pragmatists and the sister of a hopeful romantic. Her work has appeared in The Common and HESA Inprint, and under a pseudonym, she blogs with her wife about LGBTQ Christian life and identity. Contact her at opheliahukinney(at)gmail.com if you’d like to read their blog.

Image by: Ellie Yang Camp
About the artist: Ellie is a professional calligrapher based in Mountain View, California whose first meal in heaven will be the perfect bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

Website | Instagram

Lent Day 28 | Selah!

Today’s reading: Isaiah 41:18-20

ReflectionPlease meditate on the above image as we synthesize our journey this past week and our theme, Isaiah 41:18-20.

Image by: Michael Wei
About the artist: Painting is a process that resonates within me. My work ranges from: portraits & figures of people who may have little voices but loud messages; still life experiments of those ordinary unrevealed treasures; and more confrontational narrative pieces. Recent socio-political events have drawn me back to my dormant easel.


Lent Day 16 | Selah!

Today’s reading: Isaiah 41:18-20

ReflectionPlease meditate on the above image as we synthesize our journey this past week and our theme, Isaiah 41:18-20.

Image by: Steven Lee
About the artist: Steven Lee is an 18 year old Taiwanese American. He has been doing fine art all his life, exploring digital art at Chapman University, and he also enjoys singing in choir and a cappella groups, playing violin and composing/arranging songs. Music, art, the love of Jesus, and sociology are the main focuses of his life, and he is dedicated to connecting the four of them in unifying and healing this world’s injustices along with others like-minded.

Website | Instagram (Art) | Instagram (Photography)

Lent Day 4 | Selah!


Today’s reading: Isaiah 41:18-20

As we reflect on these past few days and the beginning of Lent, I invite you to soak in this illustration, read the following poem, and take a breath. Remember Jesus coming to this green earth, how the disciples were called, and how water was turned into wine.

And then, empty your mind and rest.

ReflectionFor creation to rise and be seen,
In gathering to witness miracles be free,
Greatness will come in fullness of light.

Midst courage in pain some friendships begin,
And married to hope with justice complete;
Let followers of grace testify to darkness,
And forgiveness welcome the innocence run wild.

Through thorntrees of mourning endured the truth,
In search of large arks with wine;
Rivers will run to baptize thou art.

Like every tree that is differently defined
And promised with each some beautiful figs,
May renewed peace be fragrant with life
And Love of truth cheerfully evergreen.

Created by: Miya Kim
About the artist: Miya is a realistic optimist who sees all things as art. Through her gifts and beliefs, she is on a journey to help this world be a better place.