Broadly, we write to explore and create Asian American identity. This can take many forms. You can write explicitly on identity issues or you can simply write as a PAAC (Progressive Asian-American Christian). You can write narratives, you can write poetry, you can write essays. At the end of the day, your lived experiences, stories, and art are what we’re valuing here. As you are, and as you do.

Here is a brief summary of our submission guidelines:

  1. Submit according to monthly theme, two weeks prior to the month your piece will be posted. (See schedule below).
  2. By submitting your piece, you give PAAC consent to publish and approval of light copy editing prior to publication.
  3. We currently accept all genres.
  4. Please submit one piece only.
  5. Please submit finished pieces only. You are welcome to join Write On, PAAC‘s writing workshop to get content editing and structural feedback.
  6. We accept previously published pieces to which you retain the rights. Please let us know when you submit if your piece first appeared elsewhere and provide a link. Cross-posting original pieces from As I Am to other sites is acceptable with a link back.
  8. Word count: 2,000 word limit.
  9. Trigger warnings: use them.
  10. Submit in .docx format. Name your piece Monthlytheme_LastnameFirstname.docx.

You can submit pieces using this form.

There will be two editors assigned each month. We are here to help you! If you need an extra pair of eyes, sound boarding, or just light copyediting, we are here for you.

Please also note the submission deadline for each month. All monthly submissions are due on the same date to give editors sufficient time to review and schedule posts.

May theme: Duality (closed)
Editors: Chris Paek and Lindsey Twigg
Submission Deadline: April 24, 2018

June theme: Home (closed)
Editors: Paul Lim Jr. and Chris Paek
Submission deadline: May 15, 2018

July theme: Voice (closed)
Editors: Katherine Kwong and Paul Lim Jr.
Submission deadline: June 19, 2018

August theme: Perfection (closed)
Editors: Jennifer Duann Fultz and Katherine Kwong
Submission deadline: July 17, 2018

September theme: Unanswered Prayers (closed)
Editors: Lindsey Twigg and Jennifer Duann Fultz
Submission deadline: August 21, 2018